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A Theatre Interlude A Theatre Interlude
News, views and interviews on the local live theatre scene
Interests and HobbiesEnglishRadio Kidnappers
Access Granted Access Granted
New Zealand tech, media, and startup podcast hosted by Mike Riversdale, Raj Khushal, and others.
Interests and HobbiesEnglishAccess Radio Wellington
Aviation, Past and Present Aviation, Past and Present
John Skene presents history, stories and anecdotes from NZ and international aviation
Interests and Hobbies Coast Access Radio
Food Glorious Food Food Glorious Food
Angela presents a wide range of reciepes.
Interests and HobbiesEnglishCoast Access Radio
From the Fringes From the Fringes
Presenting a range of issues and opinions from the fringes.... political, social, ethical and personal, from the unique perspective of the show's host, Jack Gielen.
Interests and HobbiesEnglishFree FM
Garden Treasures Garden Treasures
Garden Treasures from Earth Gems in Takaka is a new gardening show on Fresh FM hosted by Fay Brownlie.
Interests and HobbiesEnglishFresh FM
Green Thumbs and Dirty Fingers Green Thumbs and Dirty Fingers
Gardening tips with Philippa Foes-Lamb
Interests and HobbiesEnglishFresh FM
Grinding Gears - Pete and Aaron Grinding Gears - Pete and Aaron
Do you consider yourself a bit of a car fanatic? Love talking about everything from classic cars to the latest model out? Enjoy spending your Sundays watching motorsport?
Interests and HobbiesEnglishRadio Southland
Hawke's Bay Poetry Live with Jeremy Roberts Hawke's Bay Poetry Live with Jeremy Roberts
Hawke's Bay and guest poets present their poems
Interests and HobbiesEnglishRadio Kidnappers
Historic Souvenirs Historic Souvenirs
Historic Souvenirs retells personal memoirs in a series of animated book readings. This is a weekly show broadcast on Free FM, an access radio station proudly supported by NZ on Air
Interests and HobbiesEnglishFree FM
In the Garden with Megan In the Garden with Megan
Gardening tips and a yummy recipe from Megan Williams (Hawkes Bays most glamorous Gardner)
Interests and HobbiesEnglishRadio Kidnappers
Movie Man - Finn Alty Movie Man - Finn Alty
Finn Alty is a young man from Riverton with a huge love of movies, especially the voicing and dialogue featured in them. Join him each week as he discusses his new favourite movies, the music and story lines that make them unique; as well as his own portrayals of quotes from the movies
Interests and HobbiesEnglishRadio Southland
Space Oddities - Mike and Rachael Space Oddities - Mike and Rachael
Space Oddities is an astronomy show, brought to you by Mike Bailey and Rachael Louise!
Interests and HobbiesEnglishRadio Southland
That House Sitting Show with Tania Hassounia That House Sitting Show with Tania Hassounia
Tania aims to inspire, equip and encourage you in everything you need to know about house sitting - from how to find one, to becoming one.
Interests and HobbiesEnglishRadio Kidnappers
The Book Show - Terry Toner The Book Show - Terry Toner
Book reviews and author interviews
Interests and HobbiesEnglishRadio Southland
The Bridge Zone The Bridge Zone
The show is a platform to talk about Bridge in general - play, results interviews and discussion at all levels of the game.
Interests and HobbiesEnglishFree FM
The Drift - Corbyn Shuttleworth The Drift - Corbyn Shuttleworth
The Drift with Corbyn Shuttleworth on Radio Southland is a show presented by Corbyn Shuttleworth who is a student at Southland Boys High School on the show Corbyn will talk from his perspective on practically anything from sport to movies and entertainment and maybe even the odd current event.
Interests and HobbiesEnglishRadio Southland
What's the Buzz What's the Buzz
Learn how to get started with bees, find out how bees are doing, hear about the fascination of bees, the amazing waggle dance and much more.
Interests and HobbiesEnglishOtago Access Radio
Willz's Reviews Willz's Reviews
William Nesdale gives a weekly review of three movies that fit a theme, plus fun facts, new releases and other film-related trivia.
Interests and HobbiesEnglishFree FM