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Jun's Encounters - Nov 22 19Joe Mubare22/11/2019 12:46 PM1:0:33Download //
Jun's Encounters - Nov 08 19This week Jun speaks to George McEwan-Lyden08/11/2019 11:52 AM0:57:41Download //
Jun's Encounters - Oct 25 19 This week Jun talks with Stella Pieterse25/10/2019 01:03 PM1:7:51Download //
Jun's Encounters - Oct 11 19Guest Mark Barnier11/10/2019 11:43 AM0:51:57Download //
Jun's Encounters - Sep 27 19Mike Booker27/09/2019 11:07 AM0:46:8Download //
Jun's Encounters - Sep 13 19Alison Eades13/09/2019 12:00 PM0:57:20Download //
Jun's Encounters - Aug 30 19Today's guest is Sharon Pie, a 76-year-old mother from Brisbane. She shares her wisdom about living a happy and successful life.04/09/2019 03:54 PM0:58:42Download //
Jun's Encounters - Aug 16 19Today's guest is Michel Vouilloz, 3rd generation Winemaker and Oenologist19/08/2019 03:17 PM0:39:4Download //
Jun's Encounters - Aug 03 19Eric Bayard is one of the proprietors of Chevalier Bayard winery, ex-professor of French literature, now retired and stepped down from being the president of Chevalier Bayard. In this episode, he shares with us the history of Bayard wines, European literature and the beauty of poetry.06/08/2019 04:51 PM0:53:20Download //
Jun's Encounters - Jul 19 19They say learning another language is learning another way to think about things. How about learning two languages simultaneously? Is changing countries really changing our life? These are the experiences I have in common with my guest today, Andrew Moglestue. Andrew grew up in Reading, England and at 16 moved to Germany. He attended a French Lycée, effectively learning two new languages simultaneously. He went on to study electrical engineering at the ETH in Zurich. Andrew’s first job was designing and performing tests in a semiconductor factory, after which he returned to the ETH to do a PhD on quality assurance in software. He then joined the technology company, ABB, where he moved into corporate publishing. Presently Andrew is the chief editor of the company's technical customer magazine, ABB Review. In his private life, Andrew is also involved in publishing, as he co-runs a small company publishing academic articles on Tolkien, called Walking Tree Publishers. 19/07/2019 12:29 PM0:58:13Download //
Jun's Encounters Jul 05 19Episode 1, Jun speaks with Heidi Kuonen. Heidi runs a successful Bed and Breakfast in the wine village Varen in the canton of Valais between Zurich and Milano05/07/2019 12:15 PM0:46:41Download //