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Palmy Pride 09-10-2019 - 254Stand for what's right, where do you stand? - TJ Perenara mothers response to Sean Plunket; Is New Zealand ready for a Gay All blacks player?; Petition for Massey Uni to cancel feminism 2020 gathering steam; And more! Elton John - I guess thats why they call it the blues Lavender Country - Straight white patterns Kylie Minogue - Shelby 68 Randy Jones - Forever and a day Ray Isaac - Prove i love u Cher - A different kind of love song09/10/2019 08:15 PM0:57:30Download //
Palmy Pride 02-10-2019 - 253Go You Luxembourg! - Mark Ronson apologises for coming out; Trump abhorrent UN speech proves he uses lgbtq lives as pawns; British muslims launch first ever pride festival; Prince Harry to work with Gareth Thomas to end HIV stigma; Luexembourg gay prime minister make impassioned plea against hate speech. Featured Music: Green Day - Coming Clean RuPaul - How i wanna Hold U Lenny Gerard - Feel Me Now Joan Jett & The Blackhearts - Baby Blue Eric Himan - Everything to you Cyndi Lauper - Shine02/10/2019 08:15 PM0:48:5Download //
Palmy Pride 25-09-2019 - 252Oh those Russians, if only they'd listen to ABBA more... - Russian college say student is gaye because of pink phone case Mark Ronson just come out as Sapiosexual Devil wears Prada Musical is happening with Elton John's music ABBA credits the gays for their return to music. Featured Music: Mark Ronso - Uptown Funk Elle King - Song of Scrrow Adam Lambert - Another lonely Night Conchita Wurst - Up for air Queen Latifah - Dancing Queen ABBA - Dancing Queen25/09/2019 08:15 PM0:53:41Download //
Palmy Pride 18-09-2019 - 251And upwards, with or without thrust - Brazil gay kiss illustration; Brazillion yioutuber gives away 14000 LGBT books; Uber driver fired for kicking gay couple out of car; Carmen Rupe Portrait joins national gallery; Bhutan LGBT Community celebrates after homosexuality is decriminalised; And, Husband and wife get annulment after both coming out as gay! Featured Music: Dusty Spriongfield - You dont own me Green day - Good Riddance Shangela Laquifa - Wergin Girl Madonna - Dont tell me Sister Sledge - We are family Erasure - A little Respect18/09/2019 08:15 PM0:54:58Download //
Palmy Pride 11-09-2019 - 250What is a Muffnut? - The Palmy Pride Panel discuss: New Controversial gender laws in Tasmania; Iceland president greeted mike pence wearing pride bracelet; And, Conversion therapy founder comes out as gay. Featured music: Cyndi Lauper - Time after time Billy Gilman - Say you will Guy B - Have your way Billie Holiday - But not for me Chris salvatore - It gets better Elton John - Your Song11/09/2019 08:15 PM0:59:22Download //
Palmy Pride 04-09-2019 - 249Genes Schmenes - The Palmy Pride Panel discuss: A Drag show was canceled because performers have downs syndrome. Study concludes there is no such thing as gay gene China Rejects Same sex marriage Boston Straight pride parade a Bust Ariana Grande makes emotional return to mancheser at pridestuff. Featured Music: The Invisible Man - Queen Million Reason - Lady Gaga Alone - Bryan Hawn Unconditional Love - Against Me Its too late - Lesley Gore One Last time - Ariana Grande04/09/2019 08:15 PM0:50:44Download //
Palmy Pride 28-08-2019 - 248Drag Bingo - The Palmy Pride Panel discuss: Kim Davis must pay 224,000 London gets first UK Premanent Rainbowq crossing Rainbow pride auckland still planning pride month Featured Music: I am Gay - 6AM & Cissi Ramsby To a women - Lavender Country Do what you want - Lady gaga Be Someone - Rupaul It had to be you - BarbraStreisand Get up - The Weather Girls28/08/2019 08:15 PM0:54:47Download //
Palmy Pride 21-08-2019 - 247Let Them Eat Cake Please - The Palmy Pride Panel discuss: Brooke Lynn Hytes wants drag race fans to let it go; Ashers gay cake case set to head to european court; At least 26 arrested in stone wall-style gay sex sting; Here are the 10 most financially sucessfull LGBTQ film in history; Songs of praise will feature same-sex wedding. Featured Music: Larry Lurex - Goin Back Todrick Hall - who let the freaks outs PJ Taylor - Fantasy fulfilled Lil Nas X - Old town Road Ray isaac - East side story Erasure - Oh l'amour21/08/2019 08:15 PM0:53:33Download //
Palmy Pride 14-08-2019 - 246LGBTQ+ TV - Disney Star comes out as Bisexual Gay son of straight pride organizer blasts hateful event Will and Grace revival is canceled Goverment waives fees to chage registered sex on birth Certificates Paypal cancels straight pride fundraising account. Featured Tracks: Savage Garden - I dont know you anymore Kim Petras - I dont want it at all Lizzie Marvelly - Made for you R.E.M - losing my Religion Elle King - Americas sweetheart Queen - The Invisible Man14/08/2019 08:15 PM0:58:7Download //
Palmy Pride 07-08-2019 - 245Elton John is still standing - 29 years sober! - Bishop claims holy men can smell if your gay. Chris colfer revel if he will return for glee reboot. Rammstein share same sex kiss on stage of russia to protest homophobia. Man whose death sparked a movement has convictions wiped. Featured Tracks: Douwe Bob - You dont have to say Rammstein - Auslander Todrick Hall - Just Love Romanovsky & Phillips - Re Moon Over Boston Ray Isaac - Hiding Elton John - i'm still standing07/08/2019 08:15 PM0:54:8Download //
Palmy Pride 24-07-2019 - 244Alan Turing on the New UK Fifty Pound Note24/07/2019 08:15 PM0:58:44Download //
Palmy Pride 17-07-2019 - 243Toy Story vs One Million Mums17/07/2019 08:15 PM0:59:2Download //
Palmy Pride 10-07-2019 - 242Glitter, glitter, glitter everywhere! - The Palmy Pride Panel discuss: Police Raid Drag Show, Straight pride events have called in bomb squad over glitter, Nivea doesn't do gay, Police callled when man explodes in anger over store pride garden gnomes, California first elected drag queen is running for congress, A Catholic journalist exploded in rage over gay penguins at the zoo! Featured Music: Dance lilke nobody watching - Saara Aalto Last Damn Night - Elle King Sincerely Yours - Kylie Minogue Good to be gay - Tom Robinson I kissed a girl - Jill Sobule Throw ya hands up - FT Kennedy Davenport - Rupaul10/07/2019 08:15 PM0:51:23Download //
Palmy Pride 03-07-2019 - 241Post-Stonewall - The Palmy Pride Panel Discuss: Stats nz giving kiwi options to provide own descrioption of their gender Price william - i'd be absolutely fine if my childen were gay. Gay Comedian starts fundraiser to rival anti gay rugby star. Transgender student get backing to stay at all boys school. Featured Music: Judy Garland - Over the Rainbow Jari Sillanpaa - Jealous Sky Elton John - The bitch is back Greg Gould - Euphoria Lady Gaga - Your song03/07/2019 08:15 PM0:57:8Download //
Palmy Pride 26-06-2019 - 240MaLGRA Quiz and other Pride stuff - The Palmy Pride Panel discusses: Gay penguin couple the best parents; Gay man guys Hell; My little pony introducing a lesbian couple. Featured music: Before stonewall - Ten percent revue you need to calm down - Taylor swift pride - Cher United we stand - Elton John Born this way - Lady GaGa26/06/2019 08:15 PM0:53:57Download //
Palmy Pride 12-06-2019 - 239It's all about Pride - The Palmy Pride Panel discuss - Ian McKellen sets up new program trump wont let rainbow flag fly wellingtons rocky horror show cancelled Do we need straight Pride Featured Artists: Ten Percent Revue Smash Mouth Chris Salvator Romanovsky & Phillips Rainbow Riots Aretha Franklin12/06/2019 08:15 PM1:1:46Download //
Palmy Pride 05-06-2019 - 238Is it too little too late? - The Palmy Pride Panel discuss: Trans activists gets new york monument, New Group formed to advocate for the health of transger people, Chiefs to play rebels in ""pride round"" Brazils supreme court rules hmophobia and transphobia is illegal. Featured Artists: Adore Delano Michael Medrano Randy Jones Chris salvatore Bryan Hawn05/06/2019 08:15 PM0:58:5Download //
Palmy Pride 29-05-2019 - 237Lee and Alex from NZAF29/05/2019 08:15 PM0:55:50Download //
Palmy Pride 22-05-2019 - 236NZ MUSIC #2 - The Palmy Pride Panel discuss: Kids tv show Arthur - Character to marry husband. USA will force chinese company to see grinder Israel folau is finally gone Crusaders strongly denies homophobic slurs in capetown Penis enlargement surgeries dont work, study finds India gay prince invites homless LGBTQ individuals to live in his palace Featured Music: Shona Lang - show your love Edward Ewbank - who am i Anika Moa - Honey your be all right Brazen Hussies Lizzie Marvelly - Generation Young Mika Haka - Coffee [ft Lavina Williams]22/05/2019 08:15 PM0:57:31Download //
Palmy Pride 15-05-2019 - 235IDAHOBIT and Pink Shirt Day - The Palmy Pride Panel disucss: Drag race star releasing a childrens music album; Scrabble add LGBTI words, including game - changing ZE; Beloved Melbourne LGBTI bookshop and bar raided. Featured music from: Come on - Lew Pryme Gumboots - Fred Dagg & Diamond lil Yesterday was just the beginning of my life - Mark williams Youthful - Anika Moa Calf Club Day - The Topp Twins I'm Gonna Love you - Mika Haka15/05/2019 08:15 PM0:56:53Download //
Palmy Pride 08-05-2019 - 234Are You Gay or Not? - The Palmy Pride Panel discuss: Sylvester into the libray of congress, Brazils president cancels trip to New York Tennessess Spikes bill allowing LGBT adoption refusals. Featured Artists: Darren Hayes Elton John Kylie Minogue Celi Bee & The Buzzy bunce Lizzie Marvelly Sylvester08/05/2019 08:15 PM0:56:42Download //
Palmy Pride 01-05-2019 - 233Love and RuPaul - The Palmy Pride Panel discuss: An open letter to NZ; Anal Worm & suppository; Bisexuals mental health caused by biphobia; Joe Biden Featured Artist: RuPaul01/05/2019 08:15 PM1:0:0Download //
Palmy Pride 24-04-2019 - 232ANZAC 2019 - The Palmy Pride Panel discuss: ANZAC, Barry Humpries, Mindy representing. Featured Music from: Jimmy Somerville Romanovsky & phillips Keith Christopher Village people Michael Callen Army of lovers24/04/2019 08:15 PM0:55:19Download //
Palmy Pride 17-04-2019 - 231There is no room for hate - The Palmy Pride Panel discuss: Taylor Swift donates 113K Lori Lightfoot has comes chicagos first lesbian mayor RuPaul getting daytime talk show Featured Music: Basket Case - Green Day Every Time we Say Goodbye - Long John Baldry Not Even Close - Darren Hayes Emotion - Randy Jones Beauty - Bryan Hawn Shake it off - Taylor swift17/04/2019 08:15 PM0:57:55Download //