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diggin' - Mar 10 19diggin' - Mar 10 1912/03/2019 01:29 PM0:58:28Download //
diggin' - Feb 24 19diggin' - Feb 24 1901/03/2019 03:44 PM0:58:56Download //
diggin' - Feb 10 19diggin explores naif as a genre with artists like Blossom Dearie, Jonathan Richman, Arthur Russell and the girl groups.20/02/2019 05:00 PM0:58:36Download //
diggin' - Jan 27 19This week diggin is self referential; examining songs about digging, digging one's own grave, diggin a grave and just diggin it with Ice Cube, Bonnie Raitt and The Future Bible Heroes.30/01/2019 11:09 AM0:58:47Download //
diggin' - Jan 13 19Tonight's selection is curated by Lucy and Emily from Melbourne and features Westies like Methyl Ethyl, The Triffids, Pond as well as old favs Nick Cave, the go Betweens and Julia Jacklin.16/01/2019 01:58 PM0:59:39Download //
diggin' - Dec 30 18Luis' Picks for 2018 - Eclectic range of songs from Japan, Spain, USA, Australia, Brazil and New Zealand, all from 201803/01/2019 11:06 AM0:59:29Download //
diggin' - Dec 16 18 17/12/2018 03:58 PM0:58:48Download //
diggin' - Dec 02 18Duncan Graham talks about Western Swing and where it came from. Swing music led to jitterbug which led to Texas Swing. Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys are the featured band, but Cab Calloway contributes two songs as well as songs by Benny Goodman, Spade Cooley and Bukka White.05/12/2018 11:22 AM0:59:16Download //
diggin' - Nov 18 18My heart’s not in it. Another delve into the past with a look at lesser known or unknown songs from the period known as The Girl Group Era, when all was innocent. Think female harmonies combined doowoop and r and b. Back in time, before punk, before the Beatles, before global warming, when teenage romance was all important.21/11/2018 10:44 AM0:58:52Download //
diggin' - Nov 04 18Chicken with it’s head cut off. this episode of small d diggin’ showcases The Magnetic Fields and their singer/songwriter Stephin Merritt’s other voices: The Gothic Archies, The 6ths and Future Bible Heroes as well as some of his other work. Great tunes funny clever lyrics.05/11/2018 11:01 AM0:59:15Download //
diggin' - Oct 21 18Whispering grass: who was better the beatles or the stones? no no no go further back. Who was better the Mills Brothers or the Ink Spots? It’s music from long ago, but it digs deep into your soul.19/10/2018 03:10 PM1:0:11Download //
diggin' - Oct 07 18This week’s diggin’ delves into what we can expect from the upcoming NAF lineup, playing songs from The Shuffle Demons, Julia Deans, Tiny Ruins, Louis Baker, Rhian Sheehan, and of course The Eastern. In two weeks, diggin’ will go deep into the past, exploring two groups from the 1930s.10/10/2018 03:20 PM0:58:56Download //
diggin' - Sep 23 18Adam McGrath and the Roaring Days. Diggin’ interviews Adam McGrath about his current solo tour and up coming Eastern gigs. Features songs by The Eastern, Joe Strummer and Public Enemy.26/09/2018 05:50 PM0:59:20Download //