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The Book Show - Terry Toner-20-11-2019Terry interviews Chris McDowell, author of 'We Are Here - An Atlas of Aotearoa'; and reviews some new fiction and non fiction releases!20/11/2019 07:00 AM0:29:39Download //
The Book Show - Terry Toner-13-11-2019Terry talks to Gavin Bishop, author of 'Wildlife of Aotearoa', and Marion Day, author of 'Passion'.13/11/2019 07:00 AM0:31:38Download //
The Book Show-06-11-2019Terry interviews Dick Veitch, author of 'Hauturu'; and Murray Laugeson, author of 'My Life in Public Health'. Plus reviews of Craig Smith's latest kids releases!06/11/2019 07:00 AM0:30:14Download //
The Book Show-30-10-2019Author interviews and book reviews galore!30/10/2019 07:00 AM0:30:34Download //
The Book Show-23-10-2019Terry interviews 2 Kiwi authors - Pip Murdoch, author of 'Relative Strangers - A Mother's Adoption Memoir', and Jenny Hessell, author of 'Grandma McGarvey Joins The Scrum'!23/10/2019 07:00 AM0:30:40Download //
The Book Show-16-10-2019Terry interviews Elaine Bickell, author of 'The Ghost Who Lost Her Boo', and there's a swag of new release book reviews to enjoy!16/10/2019 07:00 AM0:29:25Download //
The Book Show-09-10-2019Terry interviews Dr Catherine Bishop - she's the author of new release 'Women Mean Business'; and Deborah Hinde, author of 'Scary Tales - Rhymes For Brave Children'!09/10/2019 07:00 AM0:30:33Download //
The Book Show-02-10-2019Terry interviews Gareth Ward, author of 'The Clockill and the Thief'; and Ruth Entwistle Low, author of 'The Shearers' - two new NZ book releases!02/10/2019 07:00 AM0:31:57Download //
The Book Show-25-09-2019From kids books, te reo books, non fiction and more, Terry has a swag of reviews on this episode, plus an interview with NZ author Milan Marinov!25/09/2019 07:00 AM0:29:45Download //
The Book Show-18-09-2019Terry has a book chat with Matt Elliott, author of 'Kiwi', and Matthew Cunningham, author of 'Abigail & The Birth of the Sun'!18/09/2019 07:00 AM0:32:54Download //
The Book Show-11-09-2019Terry has a book chat with Paul Cleeve - author of 'Whatever It Takes', and reviews 4 new releases!11/09/2019 07:00 AM0:29:38Download //
The Book Show-04-09-2019Terry chats to Peter Millett about his new release, and there's loads of new book reviews, including a new release of Sylvia Plath's letters!04/09/2019 07:00 AM0:28:32Download //
The Book Show-28-08-2019Producer Marcus reviews a book whilst Terry talks to Jamie Wall, author of Brothers in Black, and reviews several other books. 28/08/2019 07:00 AM0:29:22Download //
The Book Show-21-08-2019Terry talks to Tom Enright, author of Many A Close Run Thing, about his book and life as a pilot. He also talks to Fiona McQueen, author of Rodrick and the Wizard of Endor!21/08/2019 07:00 AM0:31:33Download //
The Book Show-14-08-2019Terry reviews the new edition of 'Silk Roads' by Peter Frankopan, and interviews Wendy Parkins, author of 'Every Morning, So Far, I'm Alive' - an autobiography around living with phobias and OCD!14/08/2019 07:00 AM0:30:16Download //
The Book Show-07-08-2019Terry talks to Dr Paul Wood, author of 'How to Escape From Prison', and Amber Moffatt, author of 'I Would Dangle the Moon'!07/08/2019 07:00 AM0:31:18Download //
The Book Show-31-07-2019Terry interviews Stephanie Johnson, author of 'West Island', and reviews 2 new releases on aspects of Maori history!31/07/2019 07:00 AM0:28:33Download //
The Book Show-24-07-2019Today, for something a little bit different on The Book Show on Radio Southland 96.4FM, Terry interviews Antoinette Wilson and Jordan Osmond, film makers of Fools and Dreams, a documentary on regenerating a native forest!24/07/2019 07:00 AM0:24:13Download //
The Book Show-17-07-2019Terry talks to Paul Horan, co-author with Philip Matthews, of the book "Funny As", which is releasing on Friday the 19th alongside a 5 episode TV series on Sunday the 21st of July on TV ONE. The book and series are about NZ comedy past and present.17/07/2019 07:00 AM0:30:13Download //
The Book Show-10-07-2019 10/07/2019 07:00 AM0:30:44Download //
The Book Show-03-07-2019 03/07/2019 07:00 AM0:27:48Download //
The Book Show-26-06-2019Terry interviews Sally Sutton - author of 'The Cat From Muzzle', and reviews a swathe of new releases - from kids books to NZ's best pubs - there's something for everyone!26/06/2019 07:00 AM0:30:30Download //
The Book Show-19-06-2019Terry interviews Neven MacEwan - author of 'When the Crowd Stops Roaring', and Rachel Grummel - author of 'Balance: Food, Health and Happiness'! Also today - reviews of '100 Natural History Treasures of Te Papa', 'The Plimmer Legacy', and a few new kids books!19/06/2019 07:00 AM0:33:9Download //
The Book Show-12-06-2019Terry interviews Tina Clough, author of 'One Single Thing'; Danielle Hawkins, author of 'When It Turns To Custard'; and Ingrid Coles, author of 'Two Slices of Bread'!12/06/2019 07:00 AM0:30:22Download //
The Book Show-05-06-2019 05/06/2019 07:00 AM0:29:43Download //