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Grinding Gears - Pete and Aaron-09-12-2018Why the Chinese don't like the new smell of cars, and why Porsche need to start making more money, plus more on this episode!09/12/2018 06:00 PM0:28:1Download //
Grinding Gears - Pete and Aaron-02-12-2018The Grinding Gears guys give us the goss on Former Nissan Boss Carlos Ghosn and the, uh, mess he’s in; there's a good deed by Toyota, and the report on the driver in that mad F3 crash a couple weeks ago in Macau is out.02/12/2018 06:00 PM0:25:12Download //
Grinding Gears - Pete and Aaron-25-11-2018Pete & Aaron talk airbag recalls, one of the greatest cars of all time re-imagined, and why a V6 Audi R8 would have been lame!25/11/2018 06:00 PM0:27:24Download //
Grinding Gears - Pete and Aaron-18-11-2018The Grinding Gears crew talk about the roads around Kaikoura Pete explored on his way back from up north, and talk CVT transmissions after buying a car with one!18/11/2018 06:00 PM0:31:30Download //
Grinding Gears - Pete and Aaron-11-11-2018This episode Pete & Aaron look at the increasing trend of crate engines, including the latest offering from Mopar - and some clever tech for Tesla that's confusing Americans!11/11/2018 06:00 PM0:31:28Download //
Grinding Gears - Pete and Aaron-04-11-2018On Grinding Gears with Pete & Aaron this week, they look at the new McLaren Speedtail!04/11/2018 04:47 PM0:26:46Download //
Grinding Gears - Pete and Aaron-28-10-2018Why do F1 cars have a weird-looking ring above the drivers this season? And what exactly is it? Also, Pete & Aaron bought a little project car that was put in a ditch - how are they getting along with it?28/10/2018 03:59 PM0:27:4Download //
Grinding Gears - Pete and Aaron-21-10-2018Pete & Aaron look at the AMG Mitsubishi Galant, and report on the Riverton Car Show last weekend!21/10/2018 06:00 PM0:31:25Download //
Grinding Gears - Pete and Aaron-14-10-2018Pete & Aaron give the low-down about the new 3-series BMW and some news from Toyota.14/10/2018 06:00 PM0:30:16Download //
Grinding Gears - Pete and Aaron-07-10-2018Pete & Aaron from Grinding Gears take Part 2 of a chat with John Munro - locator beacon expert and classic car collector par excellence! 07/10/2018 06:00 PM0:29:40Download //
Grinding Gears - Pete and Aaron-30-09-2018Pete & Aaron talk to John Munro - personal locator beacon advocate and general petrolhead!30/09/2018 06:00 PM0:29:48Download //
Grinding Gears - Pete and Aaron-23-09-2018The Grinding Gears guys have got the goss on the upcoming 400Z from Nissan - and the 5 epic car motors that Yamaha actually developed!23/09/2018 06:00 PM0:29:40Download //
Grinding Gears - Pete and Aaron-16-09-2018The Grinding Gears crew bid farewell to Burt Reynolds today on the show. 16/09/2018 06:00 PM0:30:42Download //