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Sri Lankan culture through stories, songs, traditional music, folk songs and melodies.

Host: students of the Sri Lankan Language and Culture School
Produced By: Plains FM 96.9
Language: Sinhala
Category: Ethnic Diversity
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Samadhi - Voice of Sri Lanka-18-11-2017 Sathi Pasala or Mindful School 18 11 2017 10:00 AM0:23:21Download
Samadhi - Voice of Sri Lanka-16-09-2017-Expert voices on living in Peace and Harmony16 09 2017 01:30 PM0:28:29Download
Samadhi - Voice of Sri Lanka-19-08-2017-Sinhala poems help our kids in making a better tomorrow 19 08 2017 01:30 PM0:25:23Download
Samadhi - Voice of Sri Lanka-17-06-2017-Developing Moral Values through Sinhala Poetry17 06 2017 01:30 PM0:23:57Download
Samadhi - Voice of Sri Lanka-20-05-2017-A Tour of Beautiful Sri Lanka20 05 2017 01:30 PM0:23:51Download
Samadhi - Voice of Sri Lanka-15-04-2017-How we celebrate Sinhala New Year as a cultural festival.15 04 2017 01:00 PM0:21:47Download
Samadhi - Voice of Sri Lanka-18-03-2017 The Beauty of Sinhala Language18 03 2017 12:00 PM0:26:10Download
Samadhi - Voice of Sri Lanka-18-02-2017-A sacred journey to Sri Pada Mountain18 02 2017 01:30 PM0:25:6Download
Samadhi - Voice of Sri Lanka-21-01-2017-Reflections on 2016 Samadhi Voice of Sri Lanka21 01 2017 01:30 PM0:26:49Download
Samadhi - Voice of Sri Lanka-17-12-2016-The Dambulla Cave Temple in Sri Lanka17 12 2016 01:30 PM0:27:16Download