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Leslie Quartermain: an Antarctic explorer's letters home from WWI - RNZ, 1981Leslie Quartermain (1895 - 1973) is remembered largely for his connections with the Antarctic and his books on the Southern Continent. But there exists an earlier, more personal body of his literature – his letters home from the Western Front during World War One. Actor Peter Vere-Jones reads some of them.12/03/2019 03:30 PM0:42:57Download //
And There Was a Great Darkness - RNZ,1975The eruption of Mt Tarawera on the 10th of June, 1886, including a famous eye-witness account by Rotorua telegraphist Harry Dansey. Produced by Alwyn Owen from material held in the Turnbull Library and Radio NZ Archives.06/03/2019 11:30 AM0:35:21Download //
Spectrum's Guide to Kiwi Weddings - RNZ,1973A satirical recreation by Alwyn Owen of the good old Kiwi wedding. Narrated by Bill Toft.19/02/2019 03:30 PM0:37:59Download //
All The Queen's Men - RNZ, 1975A recreation of the battle fought at Gate Pa, Tauranga, in 1864 and its aftermath. A previously unknown diary of the affair was used, along with a specially recorded battle scene.12/02/2019 03:30 PM0:49:20Download //
From The Hot Lakes District - RNZ, 1976Rotorua's thermal areas seen through the eyes of diarists around the turn of the century. Produced by Alwyn Owen from diaries and travel guides held in the Turnbull Library.05/02/2019 12:00 PM0:42:0Download //
A Festival Of Cans - RNZ, 1975A nostalgic tribute to that most humble and human New Zealand institution, the dunny. The long-drop, the three-holer, the users, the emptiers, the designers, and, of course, the good-old night-cart. Unique New Zealand humour.29/01/2019 01:45 PM0:33:36Download //