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Movie Man - Finn Alty-22-09-2019Finn reviews 'The Cat In The Hat' movie, and Marvel classic Iron Man!22/09/2019 07:00 AM0:11:58Download //
Movie Man - Finn Alty-15-09-2019Finn's showcasing superhero TV series 'Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir', and beloved movie 'Charlie and The Chocolate Factory'!15/09/2019 07:00 AM0:10:15Download //
Movie Man - Finn Alty-08-09-2019 08/09/2019 07:00 AM0:13:54Download //
Movie Man - Finn Alty-01-09-2019Justice League plus Justin and The Knights of Valour are Finn's picks for this episode!01/09/2019 07:00 AM0:11:45Download //
Movie Man - Finn Alty-25-08-2019Finn reviews Monsters vs Aliens, and the 'Cars' franchise sequel Planes!25/08/2019 07:00 AM0:12:18Download //
Movie Man - Finn Alty-18-08-2019Finn reviews Wreck-It Ralph, and Marvel superhero movie Captain America!18/08/2019 07:00 AM0:14:41Download //
Movie Man - Finn Alty-11-08-2019 11/08/2019 07:00 AM0:13:45Download //
Movie Man - Finn Alty-04-08-2019Finn talks about Zootopia and that classic... Sharktale! Working at the car wash...04/08/2019 07:00 AM0:14:36Download //
Movie Man - Finn Alty-28-07-2019Finn talks about the Little Mermaid and Ice Age!28/07/2019 07:00 AM0:12:37Download //
Movie Man - Finn Alty-21-07-2019Finn reviews and highlights moments from the Toy Story franchise and Batman VS Superman!21/07/2019 07:00 AM0:13:52Download //
Movie Man - Finn Alty-14-07-2019 14/07/2019 07:00 AM0:13:32Download //
Movie Man - Finn Alty-07-07-2019 07/07/2019 07:00 AM0:10:8Download //
Movie Man - Finn Alty-30-06-2019 The Lorax (a Radio Southland team favourite!) and Man of Steel are Finn's movie picks to analyse on this episode of Movie Man!30/06/2019 07:00 AM0:12:9Download //
Movie Man - Finn Alty-09-06-2019Kung Fu Panda and Rio are Finn's choice of movies for this episode!09/06/2019 07:00 AM0:10:52Download //