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Spirited Conversations - Dr Gavin Ellis Aug 31 18Dr Ellis is a university lecturer and former editor-in-chief of the New Zealand Herald. He provides a weekly media commentary on RNZ National’s Nine to Noon programme and his background in journalism spans more than half a century. Dr Ellis leads the conversation on fake facts... These terms have become all too familiar. If we can’t believe what we see, hear and read we are in a dangerous place. The danger lies in the erosion of trust in institutions, in the media and ultimately in society itself. How did we get to this situation and what can be done to pull back from the brink?05/09/2018 05:49 PM0:51:49Download //
Tania Sawicki Mead - A village left behind - Aug 03 18Tania Sawicki Mead, Director of JustSpeak presents - A village left behind: the collateral consequences of prisons08/08/2018 06:17 PM0:38:40Download //
Peter Lineham - How Christianity Lost its Moral High Ground - Jul 07 18How Christianity lost its moral high ground of justice and human rights, and the consequences of this09/07/2018 02:57 PM0:45:14Download //
Phillip Chapman - David Mitchell and Mind the Gap - Jun 08 18 14/06/2018 04:05 PM0:45:39Download //
Carrie Mozena - Nelson Tasman Housing Trust - May 11 18 23/05/2018 03:12 PM0:50:15Download //