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Healthy lifestyle messages for Pacific communities with a focus on nutrition and physical activity.

Host: Diane and Terisa
Produced By: Voice of Pacific Women Network Group
Language: English
Category: Health and Disability
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The Voice of Pacific Women-06-10-2017 Fiji Language Week06 10 2017 10:10 AM0:56:39Download
The Voice of Pacific Women-22-09-2017 Leadership and Cultural Awareness22 09 2017 12:54 PM0:53:9Download
The Voice of Pacific Women-08-09-2017 Tongan Language Week and Stroke Awareness08 09 2017 12:08 PM0:55:12Download
The Voice of Pacific Women-16-06-2017 Pauline Winter, CEO Ministry of Pacific Peoples16 06 2017 12:22 PM0:54:47Download
The Voice of Pacific Women-19-05-2017 MPP and AllRight19 05 2017 02:52 PM0:58:1Download
The Voice of Pacific Women-05-05-2017 Smoking Cessation and PYLAT05 05 2017 12:25 PM0:56:19Download
The Voice of Pacific Women-24-02-2017-Heart Health24 02 2017 10:00 AM0:55:14Download
The Voice of Pacific Women-10-02-2017-Being Happy-Joy10 02 2017 10:00 AM0:56:44Download
The Voice of Pacific Women-27-01-2017 MPP and Well-Being27 01 2017 01:04 PM0:57:47Download
The Voice of Pacific Women-13-01-2017-Happy New Year13 01 2017 11:00 AM0:55:5Download
The Voice of Pacific Women-16-12-2016 2016 Highlights of 201616 12 2016 12:49 PM0:55:40Download
The Voice of Pacific Women-02-12-2016-Earthquakes and Being Prepared02 12 2016 10:00 AM0:56:29Download
The Voice of Pacific Women-18-11-2016 EQ Tips and Well-being18 11 2016 12:14 PM0:55:42Download