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The Folk Music Hour-22-10-2019 Mix Tape5On This Week's Show Davey features inspirational folk that he is loving at the moment 22/10/2019 03:15 PM0:59:29Download //
The Folk Music Hour-13-10-2019 Touring David Calder presents the music he loves in The Folk Music Hour, with the aim of rekindling listeners' interest in acoustic music On this week's show David features bands touring New Zealand 16/10/2019 01:45 PM0:58:53Download //
The Folk Music Hour-06-10-2019 John Cohen We celebrate the life and work of the founding member of the New Lost City Ramblers whose contribution to the revival of American vernacular music has been so important. The NY musician, photographer, filmmaker, collector and ethnomusicologist died recently, aged 87.08/10/2019 02:45 PM0:54:28Download //
The Folk Music Hour-22-09-2019 Our Native DaughtersFour important women of colour reclaim the banjo for the African American folk tradition, and turn in a powerful set24/09/2019 04:15 PM0:58:26Download //
The Folk Music Hour-15-09-2019 Tom RushTom Rush's impact on the American music scene has been profound. He helped shape the folk revival in the '60s and the renaissance of the '80s and '90s17/09/2019 04:15 PM0:57:55Download //
The Folk Music Hour-08-09-2019 Te Wiki O Te Reo Maoriwww.dvdvideosoft.com10/09/2019 03:15 PM0:57:21Download //
The Folk Music Hour-01-09-2019 15 Beautiful Folk SongsWe put together a personal collection of the most beautiful folk melodies - traditional and contemporary. Send us a list of your own favourites, for a second show in the future.04/09/2019 03:45 PM0:58:20Download //
The Folk Music Hour-25-08-2019 Blues With A DifferenceThe world's most versatile musical form lends itself to songs both sad and funny, and sometimes quite blue.27/08/2019 02:15 PM0:52:38Download //
The Folk Music Hour-18-08-2019 Boucher And McNeillGillian Boucher, fiddler, and Bob McNeill, singer and guitarist, have formed a folk duo well worth listening to, and are touring in anticipation of the release of a new album.20/08/2019 03:15 PM0:59:14Download //
The Folk Music Hour-11-08-2019 Mix Tape 4A set of really good songs and instrumentals we've come across and haven’t been able to fit into a programme until now. And we remember Mike Seeger (1933-2009)13/08/2019 02:45 PM0:58:23Download //
The Folk Music Hour-04-08-2019 Kiwiana We bookend our three months of NZ folk with a Come All Ye of Kiwiana song. We're astonished as always at the variety of Kiwi talent and send out big ups to the artists who share their music with us.06/08/2019 03:00 PM0:57:28Download //
The Folk Music Hour-28-07-2019 Our 250thTo mark the 250th episode of The Folk Music Hour on ART, David invites you to indulge him and enjoy a selection of contemporary folk song writing that he has enjoyed over the years.30/07/2019 03:15 PM0:58:12Download //