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Fraser FM-13-12-2018 14/12/2018 01:45 PM0:15:18Download //
Fraser FM-30-11-2018Emily's here with a new Fraser FM - featuring Calvin Harris, Post Malone, plus she's planning for Christmas - and she got a tattoo last week - it hurt but she thinks she'll be back for more!30/11/2018 01:45 PM0:14:30Download //
Fraser FM-16-11-2018Emily's here with Fraser FM - and it's her birthday! Happy birthday Emily! Shout-outs to the people who make her life, and some party tunes!16/11/2018 01:45 PM0:13:49Download //
Fraser FM-02-11-2018Emily's having a busy time - it's her birthday soon - what is she planning on getting for it? Hint - it involves skin and ink! Plus tunes from Drake, Ylvis and more!02/11/2018 01:45 PM0:13:34Download //
Fraser FM-19-10-2018Here's Emily with Fraser FM - what has she been up to? Shout-outs too, plus some great tunes!19/10/2018 01:45 PM0:14:19Download //
Fraser FM-28-09-2018Emily's been busy helping out in the garden and enjoying the sun lately - she tells us all about it, plus some great tunes!28/09/2018 01:45 PM0:17:7Download //
Fraser FM-07-09-2018Pink and AC/DC feature on Fraser FM with Emily today. And who's her shout-out this week?07/09/2018 01:45 PM0:15:5Download //
Fraser FM-24-08-2018Here's the fabulous Emily with this week's Fraser FM!24/08/2018 02:00 PM0:14:14Download //
Fraser FM-10-08-2018Here's the fab Emily Fraser with this fortnight's Fraser FM! 09/08/2018 12:15 PM0:16:8Download //
Fraser FM-27-07-2018What has our gal Emily been up to this week? Tunes, cats and shoutouts galore!26/07/2018 01:52 PM0:12:53Download //
Fraser FM-13-07-2018Here's the fabulous Emily with her show, Fraser FM. This week - shoutouts, plus how cool is the SPCA? Very cool for this cat lover! 12/07/2018 06:55 PM0:0:2Download //
Fraser FM-29-06-2018Emily's back with a new episode of Fraser FM! What has this inspiring 'nothing is impossible for me' young woman been up to the last month?28/06/2018 11:52 AM0:12:58Download //