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Manawatu Conversations


Local people giving recollections of the past, sometimes opinions on the future.

Host: Stuart Birks, Iola Haggarty, and Don Esslemont
Produced By: MPR
Language: English
Category: News, Issues and Current Affairs
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Manawatu Conversations-13-11-2018 - Episode 30Mike Behrens part 213/11/2018 10:39 AM0:27:34Download //
Manawatu Conversations-06-11-2018 - Episode 29Mike Behrens06/11/2018 01:15 PM0:26:21Download //
Manawatu Conversations-30-10-2018 - Episode 28Margaret Beere30/10/2018 01:15 PM0:28:3Download //
Manawatu Conversations-23-10-2018 - Episode 27Bev Quinn23/10/2018 01:15 PM0:27:58Download //
Manawatu Conversations-16-10-2018 - Episode 26Barbara Bridewell16/10/2018 01:15 PM0:28:42Download //
Manawatu Conversations-09-10-2018 - Episode 25Owen Dolan pt 209/10/2018 01:15 PM0:30:30Download //
Manawatu Conversations-02-10-2018 - Episode 24 Owen Dolan pt 102/10/2018 01:15 PM0:29:48Download //
Manawatu Conversations-25-09-2018 - Episode 23Gwen Brown25/09/2018 01:15 PM0:24:59Download //
Manawatu Conversations-18-09-2018 - Episode 22 -Barry Paul Slade pt 218/09/2018 01:15 PM0:28:26Download //
Manawatu Conversations-11-09-2018 - Episode 21Barry Paul Slade pt 111/09/2018 01:15 PM0:30:39Download //
Manawatu Conversations-04-09-2018 - Episode 20Ann Behrens, Part 2 of 2. Coming to Palmerston North with a young family. Teaching at St Joseph’s. Comparison to St Dominic’s in Dunedin. No problem having a young child with her. History teaching. Playcentre and then the Psychological Service of the Education Service. Before the time of ADHD. Only woman in the service. Problems with their building. Became a manager, mainly of early childhood work. Management approach changed, “the era of managers”. Hobbies, family history. Germany and Norway. German submarine. Grandmother Scottish and a trained midwife (unusual in early 1900s). Why happy to stay in Palmerston North. Scandinavians in this area.04/09/2018 01:15 PM0:26:34Download //
Manawatu Conversations-28-08-2018 - Episode 19Ann Behrens, Part 1 of 2. Teacher training in Palmerston North, 1957-8. Also taking a degree through Victoria University. Accommodation. Type of training. Funding. Trained for Primary, later worked as Secondary. Tenniquoits. Well trained – approach to teaching. No supervision. School inspectors. St Dominic’s College in Dunedin. Scandinavian grandfather arrived in NZ 1872. Visit to Norway. School management. Strong women. Teaching with 6 month old son in school. Lawyer husband, not from a family of lawyers, so hard to get first job. Later became a judge. In PN from about 1968.28/08/2018 01:15 PM0:25:33Download //
Manawatu Conversations-21-08-2018 - Episode 18John Macfarlane. Came to Palmerston North 48 years ago. Joining a law practice, timekeeping. Either court work or conveyancing. Other activities, sport and drama. Centrepoint Theatre, George Street, then Church Street, professional theatre only, no amateurs. Meal and play audiences. Subsidies, training ground for professional actors. Playwriters. Theatresports. On the Board of Centrepoint. City Council support. Popularity with actors. Book by Peter Hawes, 40 Years of Centrepoint Theatre.21/08/2018 01:15 PM0:29:6Download //
Manawatu Conversations-14-08-2018 - Episode 17Eric Franklyn part 214/08/2018 01:15 PM0:27:6Download //
Manawatu Conversations-07-08-2018 - Episode 16Eric Franklyn part 107/08/2018 01:15 PM0:26:32Download //
Manawatu Conversations-31-07-2018 - Episode 15Bob Lawrence. Rugby player at school. Evacuated during WWII. Guns firing across the English Channel. Dunkirk evacuation. War experience. University (17 when left school, so not National Service). Father was a driver. Conscripted after university. Fleet Air Arm, met. officer.31/07/2018 01:15 PM0:28:58Download //
Manawatu Conversations-24-07-2018 - Episode 14Anne Cheer - Part 224/07/2018 01:15 PM0:26:10Download //
Manawatu Conversations-17-07-2018 - Episode 13Part one of a two-part conversation with Anne Cheer. In Palmerston North until 8, then Woodville until 16. Palmerston North Central Normal School. Comparison of her schooling and later teaching. Using slates. Inkwells. Subjects taken. Discipline. Father an engine driver. Masterton earthquake 1942. Physical education. Games, marbles. High school in Woodville, 5th form class of 7, only girl in class. Working as 14 year old, sent to Auckland to Girls Grammar school. Parties. Few cars. Home life, shopping, home crafts, washing. Buying house with cash. Father and fishing.17/07/2018 01:15 PM0:25:59Download //
Manawatu Conversations-10-07-2018 - Episode 12Perrin Family History Part 210/07/2018 01:15 PM0:24:6Download //
Manawatu Conversations-26-06-2018 - Episode 10 - Part 2Freda Larsen - Part 226/06/2018 01:15 PM0:24:14Download //
Manawatu Conversations-19-06-2018 - Episode 9 - Freda Larsen part 1 19/06/2018 01:15 PM0:27:19Download //
Manawatu Conversations-12-06-2018 - Episode 8 - Abbeyfield remembers the War Years 12/06/2018 01:15 PM0:32:41Download //
Manawatu Conversations-05-06-2018 - Episode 7 - Abbeyfield 05/06/2018 01:15 PM0:27:26Download //
Manawatu Conversations-29-05-2018 - Episode 6 - NZ building methods and standards 29/05/2018 01:15 PM0:27:56Download //