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Sunday Morning at 8


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Sunday Morning at 8-09-11-2018 wk 46 WelshGJ present a selection of Welsh choirs and Christian music09/11/2018 03:55 PM0:26:48Download //
Sunday Morning at 8-31-10-2018 wk45 A Resting PlaceBen and Noelle Kilgore, A Resting Place02/11/2018 01:10 PM0:27:41Download //
Sunday Morning at 8-26-10-2018 wk44 Rory and Joey FeekRory and Joey Feek26/10/2018 04:50 PM0:28:34Download //
Sunday Morning at 8-19-10-2018 wk43 Geraldine LattyGeraldine Latty19/10/2018 04:52 PM0:29:51Download //
Sunday Morning at 8-12-10-2018 wk42Sir Cliff is todays guest12/10/2018 04:49 PM0:28:12Download //
Sunday Morning at 8-08-10-2018 Chris TomlinChris Tomlin is the featured artist this week08/10/2018 03:38 PM0:29:42Download //
Sunday Morning at 8-21-09-2018 wk39One of Bevyn's from the archive21/09/2018 04:12 PM0:28:30Download //
Sunday Morning at 8-14-09-2018 Wk38one from the archives with Bevyn Gibson 14/09/2018 12:45 PM0:28:32Download //
Sunday Morning at 8-07-09-2018 Vineyard 1GJ plays music of the Vineyard07/09/2018 02:59 PM0:29:23Download //
Sunday Morning at 8-31-08-2018 wk36 Jubilate SingersPart 1 of the Jubilate Singers31/08/2018 03:02 PM0:25:35Download //
Sunday Morning at 8-25-08-2018 wk35Jocelyn with her next programme of Christian music for Sunday25/08/2018 11:53 AM0:27:44Download //
Sunday Morning at 8-20-08-2018 wk 34Jocelyn with her playlist of christian music for Sunday, and listen for the last song.20/08/2018 11:44 AM0:28:17Download //