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Lorraine in Spain - Lorraine MacIntosh


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Lorraine in Spain - Lorraine MacIntosh-11-12-2018Diesel is suddenly a big baddy in France, confusing the locals; protests - are the extremists really extremists? Lorraine discusses from Spain.11/12/2018 12:15 PM0:4:57Download //
Lorraine in Spain - Lorraine MacIntosh-04-12-2018The G20 and goings on in South America's politics are intriguing Lorraine this week! 04/12/2018 12:15 PM0:4:37Download //
Lorraine in Spain - Lorraine MacIntosh-27-11-2018Fights over what land belongs to who and when are an issue in parts of Europe at the moment, Lorraine reports... 27/11/2018 12:15 PM0:4:54Download //
Lorraine in Spain - Lorraine MacIntosh-20-11-2018It's a very wet autumn in Europe this year - Lorraine laments the amount of rain in Spain!20/11/2018 12:15 PM0:4:37Download //
Lorraine in Spain - Lorraine MacIntosh-13-11-2018Lorraine talks about Armistice Day celebrations in Europe.13/11/2018 12:15 PM0:4:44Download //
Lorraine in Spain - Lorraine MacIntosh-06-11-2018Lorraine in Spain is a new show from Southland ex-pat Lorraine MacIntosh, who lives... well... in Spain. She joins us every Tuesday to talk about what's going on in Europe at the moment, from a Kiwi woman's perspective. Here's her debut show!06/11/2018 12:15 PM0:4:49Download //