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Kapiti GAY-11-01-2019 wk03 Summary of 2018Tony reflects on the past year of 201811/01/2019 04:52 PM0:29:5Download //
Kapiti GAY-14-12-2018 wk51Warning: this contains adult themes around the age of consent legislation, in the UK.14/12/2018 05:18 PM0:28:34Download //
Kapiti GAY-16-11-2018 wk47 The Zaner BoysTony chats with father and son, Todd and Lucas Zaner16/11/2018 12:55 PM0:29:45Download //
Kapiti GAY-19-10-2018 wk43 John CurryTony features Olympic Gold medal skater, John Curry19/10/2018 04:02 PM0:29:24Download //
Kapiti GAY-21-09-2018 wk39 Zane Te Wiremu JarvisTony talks with NZ Opera singer Zane Te Wiremu Jarvis21/09/2018 04:04 PM0:55:34Download //
Kapiti GAY-Wk31 Bruce Kilmister Ed 2Tony talks with Bruce Kilmister about AIDS, prep and his journey living with nHIV06/09/2018 11:25 AM0:28:57Download //
Kapiti GAY-25-08-2018 wk35 The Man on the PlatformTony presents the first in a series of monologues, today; The man on the Platform.25/08/2018 11:47 AM0:26:39Download //