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Speak Up – Korerotia-15-05-2019 - Carbon Neutral New ZealandSally and guestsPubudu Senanayake (Generation Zero), Daniel Price (Gateway Antarctica, University of Canterbury), Pole to Paris and Trump Forest) and Anita Wreford (Lincoln University) discuss the "Climate Change Carbon Zero" bill currently in front of Parliament.15/05/2019 09:00 PM0:58:48Download //
Speak Up – Korerotia-17-04-2019 Human Rights post March 15A recording of a talk by UN Deputy Commissioner for Human Rights, Kate Gilmore, and NZ Chief Human Rights Commissioner, Paul Hunt, and a panel discussion at a of issues arising from the mosque attacks of March 15.17/04/2019 08:00 PM0:53:11Download //
Speak Up – Korerotia-20-03-2019 PlacemakingWe feel more connected to places if we have interacted with them - so placemaking is all about encouraging people to get involved in the design, construction and activation of the city! Hear from international placemaking expert Ethan Kent, and from local voices Ryan Reynolds (Gap Filler) and Carolyn Ingles (Christchurch City Council) as they debate the social, health, ecological, financial and other benefits generated by such involvement20/03/2019 06:00 PM0:55:6Download //
Speak Up – Korerotia-20-02-2019 Period PovertyPeriod poverty occurs when women and girls are unable to afford menstrual products. Join advocates Julie Chapman (KidsCan), Dani Barrington (Leeds University), Olie Body (Wa Collective) and Laura O'Dwyer (University of Canterbury Students' Association) as they debate the human rights implications of period poverty and underscore the importance of breaking down taboos around periods20/02/2019 12:34 PM0:51:4Download //
Speak Up – Korerotia-19-12-2018 Charity Dollars What is the relationship between charities and funding? Today's guests come at this question from different perspectives: Bridget Frame analyses government grant donations, and Catherine Low advocates for individuals to consider where they can most effectively donate. 19/12/2018 01:22 PM0:56:54Download //
Speak Up – Korerotia-21-11-2018 Celebrating 70 years of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights10 December 2018 marks 70 years since the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) by the United Nations General Assembly. Join our guests - University of Canterbury lecturers Natalie Baird and Jeremy Moses, grassroots activist Rāwā Karetai and Human Rights Commission lawyer John Hancock - as they both celebrate and problematise the impact of the UDHR on human rights at the international, domestic and community levels. 21/11/2018 09:00 PM0:55:59Download //