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Flat Out Pride Flat Out Pride
Fabulous mix of music, news, events, information and issues for the LGBT including sexual health, homophobia and more. This is a weekly show broadcast on Free FM, Hamilton, New Zealand. Supported by NZ on Air
Gender and SexualityEnglishFree FM
Get Woke Wellington Get Woke Wellington
Brought to you by the Wellington Branch of New Zealand's National Council of Women. Tune in to listen to vibrant interviews and debates about the issues affecting us and the opportunities there are to have a say.
Gender and SexualityEnglishAccess Radio Wellington
Kapiti GAY Kapiti GAY
Tony Reed looks at issues and events for gay people and their friends.
Gender and SexualityEnglishCoast Access Radio
Proudly Weird and Wonderful Proudly Weird and Wonderful
A show for teens and young adults, special focus on those who feel they don't fit in
Gender and SexualityEnglishRadio Kidnappers
Providing lively coverage of news, politics, activities, interviews and music for queer women and non-binary folk.
Gender and SexualityEnglishAccess Radio Wellington
Speak Out Speak Out
Speak Out brings news, music, stories and media from rainbow communities in New Zealand to air.
Gender and SexualityEnglishAccess Radio Wellington
The Gay Agenda The Gay Agenda
Phoebe Wilton-Stuart chats about Hawke's Bay LGBTQ+ events, news and interviews people in the rainbow community.
Gender and SexualityEnglishRadio Kidnappers
Venus Voices Venus Voices
A monthly chat with Carol Reid and entrepreneurial women who are in business in Hawke's Bay and are part of the Venus Business Women's nationwide network.
Gender and SexualityEnglishRadio Kidnappers
Womens Refuge Womens Refuge
Julie Hart from the Hastings Womens Refuge keeps us up to date with news and views from the refuge
Gender and SexualityEnglishRadio Kidnappers