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Iranz Ava Iranz Ava
An entertaining half hour of cultural and social content in Farsi.
CommunityFarsiPlanet FM
Radio Mehr Radio Mehr
Community news and discussions on well-being for the Afghan community of Canterbury
Ethnic DiversityFarsiPlains FM 96.9
Radio Pesteh Radio Pesteh
Radio Pesteh is an audible, interactive, non-dependent educational material that is based on the three principles of information, research, analysis, encouragement and entertainment, interaction, and solidarity for whoever can understand Farsi language.
Children and YouthFarsiPlains FM 96.9
The Time Remaining (Baki Min Al Zaman) The Time Remaining (Baki Min Al Zaman)
A weekly Christian programme in both Arabic and Farsi Languages.
Faith and SpiritualityArabic and FarsiPlains FM 96.9
Toranj Toranj
Persian culture and information for Persian immigrants in Farsi language
Ethnic DiversityFarsiPlains FM 96.9