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Living Economies is an educational network promoting systems of exchange that foster community wellbeing. Last year the Living Economies board thought it important to broaden the conversations nationally around the role the money system plays as a major driver in all global issues. They decided a conference in election year was important, and they were excited to choose Lyttelton as the venue for the Living Economies Expo 31 March – 2 April. Many of us recognise that our systems are not working – they are dysfunctional. We need to make radical changes in the way we think and interact with our environment and with the systems we use. It can be debilitating when we focus on what is not working. Instead the Living Economies Expo has chosen to put a lot of attention on what is going well by looking at the many examples at local level of great things happening. These inspire us and motivate us to make a difference. Our vision is... Imagine a country which respects the living planet; whose people enjoy fair land tenure, good housing, good health, wholesome food, a rewarding livelihood, free education, a compassionate justice system, and an adequate income: a country with an inclusive democracy grounded in vibrant communities. This could be Aotearoa New Zealand – together, we can make this vision a reality. Our steps and tools to achieve this • Raising awareness of how the current economic system works, and the interconnectedness of all issues. • Connecting all groups working on these issues. • Building strong voice. • Giving those with knowledge and drive the tools for community action The outcome we want is the seeding of systemic change. There will be a line up of interesting speakers including Gar Alperovitz, Nafeez Ahmed, Niki Harre, Deirdre Kent, Nicole Foss, Gary Flohmenhoft, Tamati Kruger, Bronwyn Hayward, Nathan Surendran, Stephanie Rearick, Raf Manji, Matthew Slater. Many and varied examples of local solutions will be highlighted. Open Space will also be used. The Living Economies Expo wants to walk the talk, so the event is being co-created, having the event in a ‘local’ venue – the new Lyttelton Primary School, getting food supplies locally and engaging our local community access radio station to run a series leading up to the event.

Host: Anneleise Hall

Produced By: Annaleise Hall

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Category: Special Interest

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