Tales of the Waikanae Estuary

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Tales of the Waikanae Estuary

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Tales of the Waikanae Estuary-04-12-2020( 0:5:8)       
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Tales about tails?
Published: 12/4/2020 4:36:45 PM
Tales of the Waikanae Estuary-27-11-2020( 0:5:8)       
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Mick has some more tales (tails) for us to enjoy
Published: 11/27/2020 4:42:19 PM
Tales of the Waikanae Estuary-20-11-2020( 0:4:7)       
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More taales, or is it tails, from master story teller, Mick Peryer
Published: 11/20/2020 4:40:31 PM
Tales of the Waikanae Estuary-06-10-2020( 0:6:8)       
Episode Information
This episode features Pinky Agnew's poem about Thomas the Goose, and a special love song from Uzblokes.
Published: 10/6/2020 3:41:17 PM

Local bird enthusiast and tour guide, Mik Peryer keeps us updated as to the happenings down at the lagoons by Waikanae River Estuary and Waikanae Beach.

Host: Coast Access Radio
Produced By: Mick Peryer
Language: English
Category: Various
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