Blackguards and Blisters All


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Blackguards and blisters all, a gallop by Nigel Costley through some of Charles Dickens more delectable villains. Already well established as Nelson’s leading bee bore, Mr Costley has seen fit to apply his baleful utterances to the subject of this obscure Victorian writer of low-b row soap operas. Dickens has long been consigned to oblivion by more advanced wits on account of his appalling racism, sexism, misogyny, and wanton cruelty to small furry marsupials. However, there is still a small and declining band of retrogrades – doubtless far gone in their dotage – who go for this kind of thing. This presentation is directed as these benighted souls. It is not for the ‘moderns’. You’ve been warned.

Host: Fresh FM
Produced By: Nigel Costley
Language: English
Category: Arts and Culture
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