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Community Zone

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Community Zone - Cubadupa Special - 24-03-2023( 0:50:30)       
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Published: 26/03/2023 7:50:55 p.m.
Community Zone - B-Sides 21-03-2023( 0:51:52)       
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Published: 23/03/2023 3:20:10 p.m.
Arts and Theatre, Cuba Dupa 20-03-2023( 0:54:23)       
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Cuba Dupa festival director Drew James with an overview. Stories About My Body is a new solo show by Morgana O'Reilly. And A Fat Girl's Cry by Celia Macdonald.
Published: 21/03/2023 1:04:14 p.m.
Local Culture - Bianca Bailey Cuba Dupa -15-03-2023( 0:52:13)       
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Published: 16/03/2023 12:36:49 p.m.
Community Zone - B-Sides - Gala - 14-03-2023( 0:51:41)       
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Published: 15/03/2023 10:46:51 a.m.
Community Zone - 13-03-2023 - Arts and Theatre( 0:54:13)       
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Simon talks to Thom Monckton about The King of Taking, and Wellington Opera about Lucia di Lammermoor
Published: 14/03/2023 9:42:36 a.m.
Community Zone -10-03-2023( 0:52:12)       
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Published: 12/03/2023 6:32:40 p.m.
Community Zone- B-Side Stories -28-02-2023( 0:53:43)       
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Published: 10/03/2023 9:00:00 a.m.
Community Zone- Local Culture -08-03-2023( 0:51:45)       
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Published: 9/03/2023 5:07:28 p.m.
B Sides 07-03-2023( 0:51:56)       
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Published: 8/03/2023 12:23:01 p.m.
Arts and Theatre - Fringe Festival 06-03-2023( 0:53:55)       
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Interviews with Second Body, Only Bones V 1.10, and Battle Riffs
Published: 7/03/2023 12:32:27 p.m.
Community Zone -03-03-2023( 0:52:13)       
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Published: 5/03/2023 7:27:00 p.m.
Local Culture - Tristan Miller 02-03-2023( 0:51:55)       
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Published: 2/03/2023 4:52:23 p.m.
Community Zone -Arts and Theatre -27-02-2023( 0:53:54)       
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Published: 28/02/2023 11:15:00 a.m.
Community Zone -24-02-2023( 0:52:3)       
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Published: 26/02/2023 6:30:18 p.m.

Tune each weekday from 5-6pm to hear interviews, news and event listings from the Wellington Region. Let's celebrate our cities! 5-5.05pm free community listings. Monday: C-Zone with Simon Howard takes you through arts, theatre, dance, music and comedy in Wellington. Tuesday: B-side Stories features the people who make wellington tick! Wednesday: Local Culture show with interviews brought to you by the Solomon Powell. Thursday: Hutt Zone with John MacDonald keeps you up to date with what's happening in the Hutt Valley, from cultural events through to politics. Friday: The Witching Hour - women, media, politics and culture.

Host: Various

Produced By: Wellington Access Radio

Language: English

Category: Community

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