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The Bridge Zone - 07-11-2018This Week... - Babich pairs winners - Interview Hugh McGann - Irish International - Ed Roggeveen TOPS director07/11/2018 02:14 PM0:28:42Download //
The Bridge Zone - 31-10-2018This Week... Why join a bridge club? And a look at transfers... what are they?31/10/2018 11:00 AM0:27:27Download //
The Bridge Zone - 24-10-2018This Week... Hamilton and Otago Southland Labour Weekend Congress Wrap Up – Ryan SONG – Smolen – Points Smoints – Exclusive Blackwood – Chocolate Eclairs – Food at the Bridge Table – Flowers – Postcard from Scotland – John McAlister – Double Dummy – and To bid or not to Bid; Sacrifice is the subject24/10/2018 11:00 AM0:25:39Download //
The Bridge Zone - 17-10-2018This Week... No Trumps 5 Card Major Congress Aces Postcard from Scotland Zia Again Bridge Report Herman Yuan MZ Youngest Directors Waikato Bridge Club NZ Team Trails For China17/10/2018 11:00 AM0:28:34Download //
The Bridge Zone - 10-10-2018This Week... National Congress wrap up Rubber bridge competition Interviews winners of Congress events10/10/2018 11:00 AM0:27:45Download //
The Bridge Zone - 03-10-2018This Week... NZ Bridge 33rd Congress Winners Youth Novice Open Teams Pairs03/10/2018 11:00 AM0:28:24Download //
The Bridge Zone - 26-09-2018This Week... Novice tournaments, Paul Marston26/09/2018 11:00 AM0:28:20Download //
The Bridge Zone - 19-09-2018This Week... Karen Martiletti, Postcard From Scotland, Master Points, Handicaps, Congress, Provincial Life Grand Masters, Inequality Stats19/09/2018 11:00 AM0:24:15Download //
The Bridge Zone - 12-09-2018This Week... Balancing – Stayman Tips – Waikato Swiss Pairs – Jonathan Westoby – Rules – 7/11/20/Jenny – Maori Language Week12/09/2018 11:00 AM0:28:43Download //
The Bridge Zone - 05-09-2018This Week... An interview with Alister Stuck, postcard from Scotland, Orlando World Champs05/09/2018 11:00 AM0:26:55Download //
The Bridge Zone - 29-08-2018This Week... Brad Johnston Gold Medalist NZ Youth.29/08/2018 11:00 AM0:25:45Download //
The Bridge Zone - 22-08-2018This Week... Samantha Punch a professor of sociology on the subject of a PhD study of Bridge21/08/2018 11:00 AM0:28:52Download //
The Bridge Zone - 15-08-2018This Week... Richard Soloman and the South Island Pairs15/08/2018 11:00 AM0:26:25Download //
The Bridge Zone - 08-08-2018This Week... Blair Fisher, Masterpoints, North Island Pairs, Alistair Tuck.08/08/2018 11:00 AM0:26:17Download //
The Bridge Zone - 01-08-2018This Week... Signals, Ducks, Bridge Doctorate, X Club01/08/2018 11:00 AM0:27:5Download //
The Bridge Zone - 25-07-2018This Week... an interview with Jane Stearns, professional bridge, X-club, Cambridge sixes, and the great boat race.25/07/2018 11:00 AM0:29:0Download //
The Bridge Zone - 18-07-2018This Week... World Bridge Day, Announcing, Couples Bridge,5 card pre-empts18/07/2018 11:00 AM0:27:7Download //