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Eurocard - Jul 16 19Still bull time in Spain, but with France and Greece leading the weekly news.16/07/2019 12:12 PM0:4:40Download //
Eurocard - Jul 09 19Summer fun - cyclists, bulls goring runners contrasted with fashion and LGBT parades.09/07/2019 03:43 PM0:4:35Download //
Eurocard - Jul 02 19G20 antics, Boris Johnson about to take the stage and record breaking heatwave.02/07/2019 03:01 PM0:4:52Download //
Eurocard - Jun 25 19Summer arrives with the solstice and the craziness of Spanish public servant exams.25/06/2019 01:23 PM0:4:7Download //
Eurocard - Jun 18 19How to form a majority group in a Spanish town hall, rebellion trial ending, and PM Ardern still a superstar in politics.18/06/2019 12:28 PM0:4:31Download //
Eurocard - Jun 11 19 11/06/2019 03:45 PM0:4:38Download //
Eurocard - Jun 04 19Good and bad governments, English football in Spain and summer may have arrived.04/06/2019 01:26 PM0:4:15Download //
Eurocard - May 28 19Some football fun, rainy days while we have more elections and Spain has learnt the export game.31/05/2019 11:57 AM0:4:24Download //
Eurocard - May 21 19European elections hot things up, overtime has to be paid in Spain and ETA terrorists still getting their dues.24/05/2019 11:46 AM0:4:58Download //
Eurocard - May 14 19Is Spain back where it was in 2008 and what good EU supporters we are.14/05/2019 03:45 PM0:4:46Download //
Eurocard - May 07 19Spain has no heart for ultra-right, a cool autumn, and lots of sports for entertainment.07/05/2019 03:45 PM0:4:36Download //
Eurocard - Apr 30 19Spanish election TV debates and political gathering; public transport and emissions monitoring03/05/2019 11:39 AM0:4:53Download //
Eurocard - Apr 23 19Rain in Spain over Easter; Notre Dame; IRA killings; extremism and populism; falling incomes23/04/2019 09:30 PM0:4:47Download //
Eurocard - Apr 16 19Electioneering; Holy week; Catholicism in Spain18/04/2019 02:55 PM0:4:35Download //
Eurocard - Apr 09 19Brexit and EU elections; pre-election in Spain; automation, qualifications and education10/04/2019 05:24 PM0:4:42Download //
Eurocard - Apr 02 19Brexit; Yellow Vests and extremists02/04/2019 02:33 PM0:4:37Download //
Eurocard - Mar 19 19Spain headlines New Zealand, Franco may have to move and some school kids are making a move on climate change.19/03/2019 12:29 PM0:4:35Download //
Eurocard - Mar 12 19Dry weather and winter fires while Norway is the best country for trying to save us. 12/03/2019 12:38 PM0:4:43Download //
Eurocard - Mar 05 19Spring celebrations, pre-election protest marches and where will 5 G take us.05/03/2019 12:22 PM0:4:28Download //
Eurocard - Feb 26 19Spring is coming, One of Us want to unite Europe again, unity is Spain's hot election issue and universal basic income experiments26/02/2019 03:28 PM0:4:38Download //
Eurocard - Feb 19 19Early elections for Spain so the bun fight starts, with some fallas celebrating thrown in.22/02/2019 04:05 PM0:4:47Download //
Eurocard - Feb 12 19Outrage at the Spanish Government's handling of the Catalan situation but good news on solar power production.21/02/2019 12:29 PM0:4:23Download //