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Anitha Ranganathan( 1:0:1)       
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Helen is joined by Anitha Ranganathan, who shares what the term survivor means to her as well of some of the more bizarre conversations she's fielded
Published: 6/8/2021 12:33:45 PM
Brain cancer in your 30s( 1:0:1)       
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During May the Brain Tumour Support Trust held their 'Go Grey in May' campaign to raise awareness and funds to brain tumour sufferers in New Zealand. Kate Coatsworth knows all too well the huge impact a brain tumour diagnosis has on the person and their family. Kate was a few months out the other side of treatment when she embarked on a huge trek the length of the North Island with a group of supporters. Kate joined Helen to talk about her epic walk and what it's like to be diagnosed with stage four brain cancer in your 30s. More info on Brain Tumour Support: Theme music: 'Happy Days' Scott Holmes
Published: 6/1/2021 2:14:46 PM
Sometimes Cancer is a Good Thing( 0:46:1)       
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In this episode Helen is joined by Sacha Coburn, COO of Coffee Culture, motivational speaker and fellow member of the one titted club. Diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009, Sacha has taken her experience and created a way to encourage others to chase their goals. Links: Instagram: Website: Podcast The Not So Breakfast Show Theme music: "Happy Days" Scott Holmes
Published: 5/24/2021 3:23:14 PM
Cancer sitting on my shoulder( 0:34:49)       
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For New Zealand music month, Helen is joined by Auckland based musician Molly Rowlandson who was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia when she was 20 years old. Molly's life was turned upside down when she went from uni student to cancer patient overnight. Five years later Molly is cancer free but not free from cancer.
Published: 5/17/2021 3:21:06 PM
Michelle( 0:40:28)       
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Twenty two years ago Michelle Treadaway-Ohia was grieving the loss of a pregnancy when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her doctor told her the prognosis wasn't good and to prepare for the worst. Michelle joins Helen to talk about how her cancer experience impacted her and her journey to getting her moko kauae.
Published: 5/10/2021 1:51:47 PM
Ana Tajde( 1:0:1)       
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Award winning journalist, writer and host of 'Thank You, Mama' Ana Tajder shares how she has managed multiple cancer diagnosis within her family.
Published: 4/20/2021 10:23:01 AM
Greg Tapari( 1:0:1)       
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In 2015 Greg Taipari thought a persistent cough was from allergies. It turned out to be throat cancer. Three years later when he had recovered from treatment and a stroke his wife Claire was diagnosed with breast cancer. Greg was well into his treatment before he told his whanau (family) he had cancer, but when Claire was diagnosed he took a different approach and they walked through the experience together. Helen chats with the couple about how cancer has changed them and why they became vegetarians after a wellness retreat. Aratika Trust Music track: Happy Days Scott Holmes
Published: 4/13/2021 10:46:19 AM
Losing Mum( 1:0:1)       
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Helen speaks to Cancer Society Auckland & Northland's CEO Andrew Young who lost his mum Shirley to lung cancer.
Published: 3/18/2021 5:18:53 PM
Family Matters( 1:0:1)       
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What happens when the glue that keeps your family together dies? Mindfulness practitioner Emma Woodham lost her mum, Sally in 2020. She joins Helen to talk about the pain and beauty of being present for a loved ones final months. Theme music - Songwriter: Mahoney Jane Harris - Song Title: “That Day” - Published by Songbroker Music Publishing
Published: 3/8/2021 11:26:41 AM
Men have breasts too( 1:0:1)       
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Male breast cancer is rarely spoken about leaving some men who get the disease feeling like a blue dot in a sea of pink. Helen is joined by Ron Rapaport and Greg Sargeaunt, members of the international organisation The Male Breast Cancer Coalition to talk about the work they do to break down the stigma of male breast cancer. Ron was enjoying the start of his retirement in sunny Florida when he was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2018 and now volunteers with the coalition to educate men all over the world. Greg is the only man in New Zealand to be part of the national mammogram programme after being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2016. The Male Breast Cancer Coalition: Male Breast Cancer Coalition FB: Theme music: "That Day" by Mahoney Jane Harris. Published by Songbroker Music Publishing
Published: 3/2/2021 9:25:59 PM
Not Today Cancer: Episode III( 1:0:1)       
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In the final installment of Not Today Cancer! Helen talks to Australian author and advocate Elle Veitch about her upcoming book 'Hey Cancer Fuck You!' Elle was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2019 when she was 27 - she started her Instagram page 'Breasties for Life' where she shares an honest account of life after a breast cancer diagnosis. Elle noticed many people lost their voice after their diagnosis and uses her platform to encourage real conversations about cancer. Her book features letters from 40 people about their breast cancer. Elle is a National Breast Cancer Foundation Australia ambassador.
Published: 2/23/2021 12:06:41 PM
Not Today Cancer: Episode II( 1:0:1)       
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Sex is often the last thing on your mind when you are going through breast cancer treatment. For Molly Kochan a terminal diagnosis triggered her sexual exploration - much to her best friends, Nikki Boyer, surprise. Her story was captured in the hilarious, honest and confronting podcast 'Dying For Sex'. Molly passed away in 2019 leaving a lasting legacy in the podcast and her memoir 'Screw Cancer, Becoming Whole'. Nikki joins Helen to talk about experiencing the death of your soul mate and what she learned from Molly. Molly's memoir - - Molly's blog - Dying for Sex podcast - Podfest tickets - - Promo code - CWORDPODFEST for a free entry level ticket Theme music - Songwriter: Mahoney Jane Harris - Song Title: “That Day” - Published by Songbroker Music
Published: 2/18/2021 10:47:58 AM
Not Today Cancer: Episode I( 1:0:1)       
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Not Today Cancer is a three part series with a focus on breast cancer and women who have given the middle finger to the big C. Each episode features a woman who has created something special that inspires or supports other people going through breast cancer. Episode one features Brit Helen Addis, the woman behind the successful Change and Check campaign. During chemo she traveled around in a boob themed bus encouraging people to check their breasts. LINKS Helen Addis Instagram Blog The Titty Gritty
Published: 2/8/2021 1:33:00 PM
Dying in your thirties( 1:0:1)       
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Libby Porter is 36 and has incurable breast cancer. She lives in Calgary, Canada with her husband and 2-year-old daughter. Violet was only a few months old when Libby was initially diagnosed with breast cancer. Libby joins Helen to talk about living with terminal cancer and preparing her daughter for after she's gone.
Published: 2/2/2021 11:42:51 AM
Kelly( 1:0:1)       
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Netballer Kelly Hutton started a new life in Bahrain in 2019 when she noticed something wasn't right. Seven months later she was back in New Zealand having chemotherapy for aggressive ovarian cancer. Kelly talks to Helen about facing her biggest challenge.
Published: 2/2/2021 11:40:16 AM
He is Me( 1:0:1)       
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When your child is diagnosed with cancer you walk through the fire with them. Bay of Plenty parent Rata Campbell joins Helen to talk about her two-year-old son's diagnosis of leukemia in 2020. They discuss the challenges of parenting a sick toddler and how Rata and her husband Mark have coped as a couple.
Published: 1/18/2021 1:47:50 PM
The C Word 11-01-2021( 1:0:1)       
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Produced at Planet FM 104.6, community access media in Tāmaki Makaurau / Auckland
Published: 1/11/2021 4:19:53 PM
Witness the Fitness( 1:0:1)       
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You don't have to wear green lycra and bust a gut at the gym to be healthy! Dr Lynnette Jones from Otago University is a world leader in researching the health benefits of exercise for people who have had breast cancer. She joins Helen to discuss what healthy survivorship really means and shares some of her best exercise tips
Published: 1/5/2021 9:57:04 AM

Hear the voice of lived experience on an issue that affects so many of us. Drawing on their own experiences, Helen speaks to other Kiwis whose lives have been impacted by cancer. Theme music: "Happy Days" by Scott Holmes

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