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The Folk Music Hour-23-06-2019 TamburlaineThe then-Wellington trio's seminal albums have been remastered onto CD, but they were recorded before the term psych-folk had even been thought of.25/06/2019 02:45 PM0:58:11Download //
The Folk Music Hour-16-06-2019 Martha LouiseThe American-born musician and songwriter has made NZ her home, and can be seen at many venues around greater Auckland singing with her mates.18/06/2019 04:15 PM0:58:34Download //
The Folk Music Hour-09-06-2019 Gumboot TangoThe Taranaki Kiwiana exponents' two albums from the 90s are still not past their amuse-by date.11/06/2019 03:00 PM0:57:53Download //
The Folk Music Hour-03-06-2019 Kath Tait Kiwi singer Kath Tait is more well known in the UK than in NZ, but her wry sense of humour and idiosyncratic songwriting deserve a wide following here.04/06/2019 03:00 PM0:56:0Download //
The Folk Music Hour-26-05-2019 Mike Harding 28/05/2019 04:15 PM0:55:59Download //
The Folk Music Hour-19-05-2019 Victoria VigenserVictoria Vigenser is an extraordinary talent and we predict a global future for her beautifully sung and thoughtful songs. A FMH NZMM special.23/05/2019 03:15 PM0:59:7Download //
The Folk Music Hour-12-05-2019 Folk BlokesA programme of songs by Kiwi bloke artists, part of our NZ Music Month series.14/05/2019 03:15 PM0:59:21Download //
The Folk Music Hour-05-05-2019 NZ Women FolkA programme of songs by Kiwi women artists, part of our NZ Music Month series.07/05/2019 03:00 PM0:57:41Download //
The Folk Music Hour-28-04-2019 NZMM Come All YeWe launch into NZ Music Month with a programme of Kiwi singers and songs. Thanks to those who generously shared their music, we have enough for over two months!30/04/2019 11:45 AM0:57:19Download //
The Folk Music Hour-21-04-2019 Anzac Day Special As we honour the fallen, we play songs, both rock and folk, which touch on many wars, and ask why so many died to create our two nations and our legends.23/04/2019 01:45 PM0:49:58Download //