The Ben and Mal Variety Hour

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The Ben and Mal Variety Hour

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The Ben and Mal Variety Hour-25-03-2020( 1:0:47)       
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The show has wrapped for now with this final episode! Ben and Mal want to say thanks - for joining them for the last 16 months as they brought you a taste of what an Australian and a Canadian can do when given a radio show at the very bottom of the world. To every guest who has appeared, thank you. To every listener who has tuned in, thank you. It's been a blast New Zealand. Love, Ben and Mal!
Published: 3/25/2020 7:00:00 AM
The Ben and Mal Variety Hour-18-03-2020( 1:0:47)       
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What music does a wizard listen to? Specifically a green wizard? A green wizard from Bluff? Well click play right now and you'll get to find out!
Published: 3/18/2020 7:00:00 AM
The Ben and Mal Variety Hour-11-03-2020( 1:0:54)       
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Ben is here with a new episode! Click play and hear yourself go WOW at just how much awesomeness you'll hear, and also how awesome our special Canadian guest (who isn't Mallory) Colin Hilding is! And how awesome are his 6 songs?
Published: 3/11/2020 7:00:00 AM

The most exciting radio show hosted by an Australian and Canadian to ever hit Invercargill! Join Ben and Mallory as they bring you a weekly dose of fun, music and games that will make your Wednesday night the best night of the week!

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