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Middlicious - 22-05-2019 Ep 12Further conversations about food and nutrition w/ Kate Moreland (part 2)22/05/2019 04:15 PM0:29:23Download //
Middlicious - 15-05-2019 Ep 11Join Niki as she has a conversation with Kate Moreland - a registered and highly qualified dietician about food myths and truths 15/05/2019 04:15 PM0:28:43Download //
Middlicious - 08-05-2019 Ep 10Our aging workforce, flexible work places, what to think about when applying for a job as a mid-lifer. w/ Mary Sommerville08/05/2019 04:15 PM0:30:7Download //
Middlicious - 01-05-2019 Ep 09Mindset, how important your thoughts are in your life, how to change your mindset, secrets to selling. w/ Mike Clark (Part 2)01/05/2019 04:15 PM0:30:15Download //
Middlicious - 24-04-2019 Ep 08Mikes story of escaping Zimbabwe, taking responsibility about one's own actions, learning from life. w/ Mike Clark24/04/2019 04:15 PM0:28:39Download //
Middlicious - 17-04-2019 Ep 07What is happiness, What is success, the stories we tell ourselves. - w/ Simon Barnes - pt 217/04/2019 04:15 PM0:28:56Download //
Middlicious - 10-04-2019 Ep 06Being in Business, things I have learned, What is success? w/ Simon Barnes - Part One10/04/2019 04:15 PM0:28:32Download //
Middlicious - 03-04-2019 Ep 05Lessons About Life and Money w/ Vicky Richter pt 203/04/2019 04:15 PM0:28:38Download //
Middlicious - 27-03-2019 Ep 04Lessons About Life and Money w/ Vicky Richter - pt 127/03/2019 04:15 PM0:28:0Download //
Middlicious - 20-03-2019 Ep 03Beauty and how we feel good about aging. What messages we want to give mid-life women. w/ Nicky Wardlaw20/03/2019 04:15 PM0:28:42Download //
Middlicious - 13-03-2019 Ep 02Why is the beauty industry so anti-ageing? The concept of beauty as we age. The commercial pressure to not age. w/ Special Guest: Nicki Wardlaw (Part 1)13/03/2019 04:15 PM0:27:57Download //
Middlicious - 06-03-2019 - PilotWelcome to Middlicious - Niki G hosts an introductory episode of Middlicious, outlining what the show is about, and what to expect in future episodes, as well as a bit of background on Niki herself!06/03/2019 04:15 PM0:27:35Download //