After March 15

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After March 15

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After March 15-04-07-2019 Episode 20( 0:28:23)       
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The final episode includes rich excerpts that provide insights into the aftermath of the tragedy and the people who helped shaped the response, with reflections from host Lana Hart.
Published: 7/4/2019 5:30:00 PM
After March 15-27-06-2019 Episode 19( 0:30:5)       
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Ayesha Jones of the Nawawi Centre focusses on Muslim youth in the aftermath of the tragedy and Claire Philipps provides insights on what was and is happening at the Council to respond to the attacks
Published: 6/27/2019 4:19:45 PM
After March 15-20-06-2019 Episode 18( 0:24:0)       
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NZ Order of Merit recipient Anjum Rahman talks about her work before and after the mosque attacks and her vision for a National Inclusion Strategy across the country. Imam Abdul Lateef of the Linwood Mosque tells us how his community is doing and some of the challenges of his role
Published: 6/20/2019 4:00:00 PM
After March 15-13-06-2019 Episode 17( 0:27:34)       
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Four Canterbury Muslims involved in the aftermath of the attacks gather in the studio to talk about what has changed for them since 15 March, and what needs to happen next. We hear from Jumayah Jones, Hisham Eldai, Mazhar Syed, and Asha Abdi interviewed by host Lana Hart
Published: 6/13/2019 4:00:00 PM
After March 15-06-06-2019 Episode 16( 0:22:10)       
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Mastura Abd Rahman explains why it’s more important than ever to get to know each other across faith and cultural divides, how Eid Day is celebrated, and how we can overcome the problem of “othering” Muslim women
Published: 6/6/2019 3:25:34 PM
After March 15-30-05-2019 Episode 15( 0:28:27)       
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Featuring Jamal Tony Green who was tasked with managing media at Al Noor Mosque; CDHB CEO David Meates on the complexity of dealing with the aftermath inside Chch Hospital; and The Peace Train bike event.
Published: 5/30/2019 11:25:00 AM
After March 15-23-05-2019 Episode 14( 0:29:36)       
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Chief Human Rights Commissioner Paul Hunt, Refugee sector leader Ahmed Tani, and two powerful speeches from the Together Against Racism Coalition march in Christchurch are featured in this episode.
Published: 5/23/2019 5:00:00 PM
After March 15-16-05-2019 Episode 13( 0:30:2)       
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Bariz Shah, President of the University of Canterbury’s Muslim Student Association, MP Duncan Webb, and All Right? Campaign Manager Sue Turner share experiences and expertise about the continuing recovery from the tragedy
Published: 5/16/2019 5:30:00 PM
After March 15-09-05-2019 - Episode 12( 0:31:43)       
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The holy month of Ramadan is explained by Al-Noor mosque worshipper Sarah Quadir, Patrick O’Connor reflects on the history and challenges of Canterbury’s Muslim community, and Asma Azhar explains her research on the victims’ families in the immediate aftermath of the tragedy.
Published: 5/9/2019 5:30:00 PM
After March 15-02-05-2019 Episode 11( 0:27:44)       
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Hisham Eldai, a geneticist from the Muslim community affected by the tragedy, Distinguished Professor Paul Spoonley of Massey University and a NZ migration expert, and Christchurch East MP Poto Williams provide new insights and updates on the aftermath of the attacks.
Published: 5/2/2019 5:30:00 PM
After March 15-25-04-2019 Episode 10( 0:30:3)       
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Muslim youth Asha Abdi talks about growing up at Al-Noor mosque, her insights on the aftermath of the tragedy, and racism in NZ; UN Deputy High Commissioner for Human Rights, Kate Gilmore calls us to action in excerpts from her recent Christchurch speech, and Raowa Haddad from Sydney explains some key aspects of Islamic beliefs regarding grief and recovery.
Published: 4/25/2019 5:30:00 PM
After March 15-18-04-2019 Episode 9( 0:29:20)       
Episode Information
Today's show includes an overview of government activities from Dr Duncan Webb, MP for Christchurch Central, a discussion with some of the women from Al Noor Mosque, and a chat with Vicki-Anne Parker, founder of New Zealand Gifts of Love and Strength
Published: 4/18/2019 4:00:00 PM
After March 15-11-04-2019 - Episode 8( 0:28:36)       
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A fascinating discussion with the women of Al Noor mosque about being a Muslim woman in New Zealand, the hijab and the mighty sisterhood after the tragedy. We also talk with Fahad Tasleem of the Islamic Education and Research Academy in the US, and Glenda Martin from Volunteering Canterbury.
Published: 4/11/2019 5:30:00 PM
After March 15th-04-04-2019 Episode 7( 0:27:32)       
Episode Information
Jumayah Jones, women’s coordinator at Al-Noor Mosque in Christchurch, talks about the day of the tragedy as witness and victim of the attack, and why she feels intensely motivated to serve the Muslim women in her community. Henry Jaiswal, manager of the former Christchurch Migrants Centre, discusses his role in running the operations for the Muslim Recovery Centre at the Horticulture Centre in Hagley Park.
Published: 4/4/2019 5:21:15 PM
After March 15th-28-03-2019 Episode 6( 0:28:6)       
Episode Information
Megan Woods, MP for Wigram, sets out the central government’s response to the event, and the Director, Office of Ethnic Communities, discusses hate speech and racism.
Published: 3/28/2019 5:30:00 PM
After March 15th-22-03-2019 - Episode 5( 0:26:48)       
Episode Information
Reimana Tutengaeher of Ara Institute explains the role of karakia as we start on the journey of healing in the aftermath of the tragedy, while Heather Knox, also of Ara, describes the impacts on the large numbers of international students studying in the English Language School.
Published: 3/22/2019 4:00:00 PM
After March 15th-21-03-2019 Episode 4( 0:25:26)       
Episode Information
Poto Williams MP, Lucy D’Aeth, public health specialist and Brian Turner from EcuAction provide information and insights.
Published: 3/21/2019 10:51:00 AM
After March 15th-20-03-2019 - Episode 3( 0:28:49)       
Episode Information
Esmail Fathi explains aspects of the Islamic faith that are related to the tragedy, Action Station gives us some ideas about how non-Muslims can work towards the social justice issues that have arisen, and we hear commemorations and poems from the Plains FM family.
Published: 3/20/2019 5:30:00 PM
After March 15th-19-03-2019 Episode 2( 0:29:49)       
Episode Information
Peter Elms from Immigration NZ tells us what the department is doing to respond quickly and flexibly to the tragedy and Christchurch Re-settlement Services explains their role in providing support to the affected families. We also hear from a member of the Muslim community about his response.
Published: 3/19/2019 5:30:00 PM
After March 15th-18-03-2019 Episode 1( 0:29:2)       
Episode Information
Opening the series with Plains FM Station Manager Nicki Reece reviewing what the refugee and migrant sector agencies are doing, this podcast also covers Islamic burial traditions with a member of the Muslim community involved in direct support and Duncan Webb, MP, briefs us on central government response.
Published: 3/15/2019 5:30:00 PM

A special series produced by Plains FM to help us better understand what is happening as a result of the Mosque tragedies in Christchurch

Host: Lana Hart
Produced By: PlainsFM
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