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Venus Voices-23-02-2021 Carol chats with Christina Christison from HB Wastewater Management ( 0:23:22)       
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Carol chats with Christina Christison from HB Wastewater Management
Published: 2/23/2021 3:41:00 PM

Join Carol Reid, Venus Hawke's Bay Regional Manager, as she interviews various Venus Voices - entrepreneurial women who are in business in Hawke's Bay and are part of the Venus Business Women's nationwide network. At Venus, our vision is to help every woman, no matter where they are on their journey - be it in business or with personal goals and aspirations. We use the network to support the network wherever possible. As the old saying goes, you get out what you give and in Venus we warm-heartedly support each other and each other's networks. So if you're wanting to step up in your own business, learn about other women business owners in Hawke's Bay, or find out how you can contribute to the growth not only of yourself and your own business but also to the other Venus women you will meet on air, tune in to "Venus Voices" or go to and register for a visit.

Host: Carol Reid
Produced By: Radio Kidnappers
Language: English
Category: Gender and Sexuality
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