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Energise Yourself

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Energise Yourself - 11-06-2024( 0:30:44)       
Episode Information
Wairarapa’s Health & Fitness Forum.
Published: 11/06/2024 11:33:41 a.m.
Energise Yourself - 04-06-2024( 0:5:41)       
Episode Information
Wairarapa’s Health & Fitness Forum.
Published: 4/06/2024 11:50:54 a.m.

The focus of this show is to join with local expertise to communicate to the Wairarapa Community ideas 💡, insights and data covering our health & wellbeing from fitness ideas & designing the best programs to advice on nutrition, injury recovery and all parts around and in between those subjects. Each session will concentrate on a different aspect of our wellbeing with a purpose to assist folks to take action and get mobile remembering everybody can move something and movement creates ENERGY.

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Category: Health

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