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Sweet Talk 14-02-2019Jamie Allen from Taranaki Retreat shares his stories, and his "why"14/02/2019 11:01 AM0:56:50Download //
Sweet Talk 13-02-2019Live From Caravan Mayor Neil On Taranaki 205013/02/2019 12:00 PM0:45:21Download //
Sweet Talk 12-02-2019New music, and being grounded12/02/2019 11:05 AM0:56:24Download //
Sweet Talk 07-02-2019Guest Miranda Palmer, on Hawaii time07/02/2019 11:27 AM0:57:47Download //
Sweet Talk 05-02-2019Support Please 05/02/2019 01:00 PM1:2:18Download //
Sweet Talk 31-01-2019Rebekah from On The House_Karaitiana - Green stone carver and so much more31/01/2019 04:00 PM1:0:37Download //
Sweet Talk 29-01-2019Venture Taranaki Courious Minds29/01/2019 12:00 PM1:1:24Download //
Sweet Talk 24-01-2019Alessandra talks Climate Change Consciousness, and later is joined by Craig Nielsen from Conductive Education Taranaki. Craig explains how Conductive Education is helping families by maximising the "ability" in "disability".24/01/2019 03:24 PM1:1:40Download //
Sweet Talk 22-01-2019Welcome back mystery track22/01/2019 11:33 AM0:56:35Download //
Sweet Talk 18-12-2018Everythings Gonna Be Alright19/12/2018 02:15 PM0:57:34Download //
Sweet Talk 11-12-2018What Access Radio Did This Year11/12/2018 02:15 PM0:59:39Download //
Sweet Talk 27-11-2018Rick Wood_Pottery+Jacob From FDMC28/11/2018 03:00 PM0:58:16Download //
Sweet Talk 22-11-2018Post Party Banter27/11/2018 03:45 PM0:59:12Download //
Sweet Talk 21-11-2018Mayor Neil Holdem21/11/2018 01:00 PM0:58:51Download //
Sweet Talk 20-11-2018Christmas Parade21/11/2018 12:30 PM0:53:28Download //
Sweet Talk 15-11-2018No Duff Westy West20/11/2018 03:45 PM0:56:36Download //